A book on my wish-list

I’ve followed [ALA](http://www.alistapart.com) for ages.
Now Zeldman, the creator, have published his book on designing websites on the standards: Designing With Web Standards (Indianapolis: New Riders, 2003).


Kick me

There are times when I could kick myself if I was just limber enough.. 😀

Here I preach about accessibility and still I forget to add a few central concepts to this site.

Well now it’s done. I’ve added the skip navigation link at the top – so that people with screenreaders won’t have to listen to the endless recital of links before they get to the text.

Fun With Numbers

My SO remarked the other day about how the swedish system for parental leave have changed over the years.
She had dug up the small fact that the minimum compensation paid 1970 were the same as the one paid in the year 2000. Meanwhile prices have gone up by some 600-800% – no wonder there are fewer kids nowadays…