Do webmasters dream of CMS sheep?

The last weeks I’ve been trying out a number of CMS:s.

Mostly I’ve targeted the Open Source stuff, as some of those have commercial grade qualities, but at a better price – nil that is 😀

Nevertheless it has been a study in frustration. Some have the framework needed to build sites the way **you** want them, but at the price of demanding stuff of the server that narrows the choices down to a trickle. Others use the resources well, but demand that you build sites and think in the same way as the original author.

To make it even worse, I demand that the CMS is built around PHP, as this is my engine of choice, and as it is what my service provider supports.

It seems most authors of these solutions assume you want to set up a portal – which I do not. The rest seem to assume that since you don’t want a portal you wan’t **no** interaction – which is just as false.

What I need is more like a CMF, and the few I’ve found is either in french, german, or demand outrageous amounts of script memory from the server.

I suppose I have to use one of the simpler solutions and see to what extent I need to rewrite it to suit my needs – bah!!!