Stuck with IE6 for ages to come…

I remember when Internet Explorer 6 came a couple of years ago.
It felt like a revelation! Even more so in that you knew it would, in reality, become standard.
Now a few years later, with MS announcing it will be the last standalone version, I just feel frustration.

Make no mistake, it is a pretty decent piece of software – but it has a few glaring deficiencies:

1. Png support: It **still** doesn’t support 24-bit png transparency.
2. CSS: It’s **still** odd in some of it’s implementation of CSS, that is when it supports it at all.
3. Ads: It **still** has no reasonable way to block pop-ups, even though it should be pretty clear that it’s a **major** annoyance on the net.

I seriously hoped a version 7 would make a difference – at least to CSS. But no, we’re stuck.
Only hope would be if a significant number of people switched to other alternatives like Mozilla, Safari or Opera – but I don’t see that happen for a long time to come.